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Andi Tuck & the Great British Menu!

Harbour House Flushing’s head chef Andi Tuck returned to BBC Two’s Great British Menu kitchen this March as part of the south west heat contestants. Andi said he ‘let rip’ with his creative fire and smoking methods using Cornish local ingredient sourcing which are all key parts of his personal cooking DNA. He got to cook alongside a competitive team from the south west including Elly Wentworth, Ben Palmer and Mike Naidoo. He got to the second round, cooking all his dishes for guest chef Tom Aikens.

‘In any other week, you’d have gone through.’ In a high-scoring week, Andi Oliver consoled Andi Tuck, head chef at Harbour House in Flushing, that he missed his chance to cook for the judges not because of bad cooking, but by bad luck.

Ben Palmer won the round to cook for the food critics.

Andi Tuck and the Great British Menu

Great British Menu returned for its 19th run, bringing some of the UK’s most celebrated chefs to compete in regional heats to secure a place at the illustrious Great British Menu banquet. For 2024 chefs from eight different regions of the UK have designed a four-course menu (plus snacks and pre-desserts) based around the theme of celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics with dishes for a banquet hosted by the British Ambassador in France and Team GB to wish our athletes good luck in Paris.

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