The House Journal

Sunset evenings at Beach House, South Milton Sands

Spending the evening of Tuesday the 25th in and around Beach House, South Milton was idyllic. Drinks being poured, the crackle in the air of conversation over a shared seafood feast and the crash of waves along the shore as we raced towards sunset. When you have evenings like these you appreciate the small things, the sounds, the senses and the sun. With this weeks heatwave, it brings with it a real feeling of the start of summer, days soaked in light that blend into the night at the latest possible moment and a humid warmth fills the air.

Last night we witnessed a sea filled with kayaks, paddle boarders and swimmers alike, all enjoying sunset from the water. If you’re looking for the perfect spot for a sunset dinner and drinks, join us at Beach house where we can’t wait to entertain you in this years summer sun.

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